How to Use Your Free Time Around the House Productively

Some ideas for any spare moment you could have is what I want to provide the reader of this.

Each day offers new ventures, maybe it is time to do something creative or maybe just memorable for yourself.  Having been a stay at home mom for many years, you would be surprised at what you can find to do.  I am going to share some things I have done during one of my days at home.

Ever thought of writing a life story?  Is there some issue, something that you want to remember?  Maybe there is something you want to leave behind you after you are gone for your loved ones to read or see, you can sit down and write.  Writing not only helps us to clear our thoughts but it also helps us to maybe, recall events, share events, or thoughts with others.  Maybe you just want your writings for yourself, that is fine too.  It does not take much to get started, maybe just as simple as a pad of paper, and a writing utensil, like a pen or pencil.  Take a time when you are not tired to write, because you need to write when you and your mind is fresh.  I like to write pretty much in the early hours of the day, this is when I am at my peak.  I write about issues I have in my life, and I have started writing journals to my children.  Actually the journals were in the making almost five years ago, but I have not spent time on them like I should.  I have three children and I have written to them about their accomplishments, my dreams or my thoughts for them to read.  I figured if one day I was gone, they could refer back to these so they could remember things and possibly share that with their children.  It is good to express yourself when writing.  Remember only you know what you want to say.

Have you ever rearranged things around the house?  I sure have, I have friends that when they come over to my house , they make the comment" Have you moved things around again?"  It is fun for me, I find that when furniture is moved into a different arrangement, it is like bringing things back to a newer state.  I find it very soothing to be able to arrange my furniture, and as long as I can, I will.

Have you joined any book clubs at your local library, or any other organizations to get involved with?  Ever thought about the libraries book club, usually it is a very broad range of books they share and read, and maybe you might make new friends.  Mom's clubs are everywhere, they offer friendship, helpful tips and solutions to being a mom and all you need to know.  There is sometimes planning for going out to lunches or dinners, which is nice, especially when t you stay at home, you need that interaction with others too.

Have you tried your hand at writing for money?  Of course you have or you would not be reading this.  If you are not sure where to start, try places like, or  These are two I frequent and they do give you some money for your ideas, and thoughts.  I do like knowing I can stay at home and still contribute to the house's finances.

Start a membership at your local gym.  The thought of exercise especially in front of others can be a little intimidating, but maybe you could get a friend or other person to come with you.  This would be a good time to catch up on your friends and they say exercise helps reduce stress, which we all need.  Maybe if a gym is not good try your hand at walking at a local walk way or park.  While you walk you can reflect on yourself or a task at hand you need to get done.  Walking is very therapeutic.

Try your hand at crafting, if you get good enough, think about selling the crafts and taking it one step further and sell on Ebay.  Ebay offers lots of exposure for the seller who really wants it.  I make bird houses, sometimes I paint or refinish something I already have.  It is good for me to make things with my own hands.

Try gardening.  Vegetable gardening or flower gardening can give instant gratitude to you.  You can save money on grocery bills, and if you plant just flowers you will add a habitat for birds, toads, and insects, which adds beauty, and help to our environment.

Get out and explore your world.  When you stay at home there is so much you can get into, and even if you work, try re-discovering things you had a passion for once or take up a new hobby or craft.  You will see, it can be as rewarding as you make it.


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