How to Get a Great Full-body Workout at Home

With the decline in the economy, many people are looking for ways to save and cut back.  One way is to do away with the fitness club memberships.  But, how to stay motivated and get into shape may be tough for some.  You might have a friend that you work out with and well, you don't have them because they are still at the fitness center.  Well never fear help is here.

Have you visited your library lately?  If not, then it is time to go. If the library is close to your home, start off your new home fitness program with a nice walk to your local library.  Take a bag and a bottle of water, we wouldn't want you to get dehydrated.  Most public libraries now carry a series of fitness videos, either still on tape or you can now find many of them on dvd.  In most cases you can borrow them for a period of about 2 weeks.  Check out a few that might tickle your fancy, head home and prepare to work out.

Your next home work out is to set up a space for yourself to do the exercises.  This means possibly moving your living room around a bit.  You want to make sure you have a comfortable amount of room, about an 8 foot circle of space near your television.

Remember you don't just have to do video work outs, there are tons of thing that you can do either in the comfort of your home or around your neighbor hood.

Set yourself with a weekly schedule make sure you set up at least a day or two for rest, your body needs a break from all of the activity.  Each day choose something different to do, this will keep the variety up for you and may keep you encouraged to work out.  Here is an example of my work out schedule.

  • Monday 4:00am  Speed walk around the neighborhood for 45 minutes.
  • Tuesday 4:00am Do yoga with dvd- do flexibility training.
  • Wednesday 4:00am Ride bike around neighborhood for 45 minutes.
  • Thursday 4:00am Do Tai-Bo work out with video tape do intermediate work out
  • Friday 4:00am Walk around the park, take bag and pick up trash as you go.
  • Saturday Day Off
  • Sunday Play tennis with son for 1 hour.

The following week, will change, I will try different work outs so that I have variety.  Once in a while I will see if a friend will go walking with me.  Given the time that I tend to do my exercising, I don't get a lot of people that will like to get up and go with me.  But, it is a nice change.

If you have a neighbor that would also like to start a work out program this is great news.  You will be able to have someone to help keep you motivated to work out.  Each of you can choose something to do for each day of the week, make sure you remember to squeeze in some time off.

If you decide you would like to buy some of the videos that you checked out at the library, a good website to find the videos is Amazon, you can find a lot of the videos used and for reasonable prices.

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Posted on Jul 8, 2010