1000 Rep Push Up Training

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Some people say they do not have enough time to exercise. Simply not true, what they do not know is how to exercise. Endurance and flexibility exercises are the worst because they require the most time to produce effects. Other exercises such as Kung Fu and Body Building produce the best results with just a month of hard training. Actually they will even produce results after just a wee.

You do not need to join a Gym to do such exercises. Well, for the Kung Fu you should but for Body building you can start on your own. Start with the push ups. Do them as fast as you can and do only 10 reps to start. Do a total of 100 push ups and no more! The two days after the first attempt will be the toughest. To fight the pain try some pain killers but only for this time. This is a sign your muscles are getting stronger.

The third day when the muscles are ready for another effort, try to do 500 reps. Less than that will not produce the desired effects and more will just hurt you too much. If you can handle the pain go for it, else just wait two more days. In the beginning your body will take longer to recover but after these two sessions you should not need any rest at all.

how long will take the 1000 reps session? Less than you think. If you do one push up a second which should be your aim, it will take you less than twenty minutes. Its quite fast for the output results! However the slower you are, the lower the effects as well. Redbull will increase your strength, stamina, recover time and adrenaline too. After all it's no joke to do 1000 push ups in just 16/17 minutes!

Abs are another important part of your body to train and train them hard! They support most of your upper body and most of your lower body when you demand from them exercises that put your feet off the ground. To train them just to 1 ab repetition per second and you should take just 16 minutes to make those 1000. Once you finish stop that train and start with the push ups again. Do this only after a week of 1000/day training!

Well, you should rest at least two full days per week. Rest on Wednesdays and on Sundays.

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