Exercise Under Your Desk

No one will notice if you exercise under your desk, but you will notice the results. Sneak these five exercises into work with you and your legs will be looking lean!

Computers involve a lot of work on your rear, but it's not the kind of working your rear really needs. If you exercise under your desk, you will keep your metabolism higher, your brain more alert, and your lower body in better shape. When you find ways to exercise under your desk, you get paid in more ways than one.The following five exercises will allow you to get fit and facebook at the same time.

Leg Extensions - The four big muscles in the front of your thigh are called your quadriceps, or quads. Tone them by squeezing your knees together, and lifting one leg at a time. Do not fling, but rather flex at the top and hold your leg out straight for a count of 10. Lower slowly and do the other leg. Do 12 to 15 on each leg.

Inner Thigh Lifts - Your inner thigh muscles are called adductors, and they are responsible for bringing your legs together. Straighten one leg out in front of you. Point your toe and rotate your leg outward, so that your inner thigh muscles face the ceiling. Keeping your knee locked, pulse your leg up and down a few inches 12 to 15 times. If your lower back is bothered by this motion, reduce the range of motion and don't lift the thigh so high.

Inner Thigh Squeezes - Working both your quads and your adductors, you'll need to lift both legs out in front of your chair. Pretend to be Dorothy on The Wizard of Oz, clicking your heels together. Keep your feet flexed, pulling your toes toward your knees, and rotating your hips outward. Pulse 12 to 15 times, opening your legs only about six inches apart before touching the heels again.

Calf Raises - Two big muscles on the back of your lower leg, the soleus and the gastrocnemius, are more commonly called your calves. Strengthen them while sitting at your desk by lifting and lowering your heels. Add weight by stacking some books on your thighs. Keep your knees about shoulder width apart for this calf-raise exercise.

Gluteal Clench - The muscles in your bottom are called your gluteals. Flexing is a simple way to firm any muscle group, and the glutes are no different. While you are typing or talking on the phone, you can be flexing your rear, improving circulation and tightening flabby spots. Squeeze and hold both sides at the same time, or alternately squeeze one side then the other. It can be fun to play with timing. No one will even notice if you exercise under your desk, so why not tap out a tune with your tush?

Because these are not true weightlifting exercises, it is okay to do them everyday. If you would like to increase the resistance, invest in a set of ankle weights for the exercises. Do not wear ankle weights all the time, because they are hard on the joints. You can do several sets of each exercise under your desk several times a day, or just once every other day. Computer work will reshape your rear, but it's not the type of shape most of us want. Remember that every exercise counts!


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