Cardio Training Suggestions That Can Greatly Improve Your Life

Things you can do for a healthier heart,, weight loss, and a better way of life are covered in this article. In everything we go through in life we face challenges that require self discipline to conquer.

As an athlete of any sport one can find it difficult to reach his or her goals. Like many who are constantly trying to lose weight through diets that do not work, some athletes face a similar problem when it is time to make a specified weight to compete in a sport such as wrestling, boxing, or even mixed martial arts an athlete faces a similar issue. Now unlike those on the diet rollercoaster an athlete is constantly active training sometimes all day while drinking water or electrolyte drinks and eating a controlled diet provided to them by a dietitian or their trainer. They also sit in a sauna, (dry heat) to sweat out excess water weight until they are at their goal. Once they weigh in the athlete replenishes this dehydration through the consumption of electrolyte drinks and proper foods for muscle energy.

This all day training obviously cannot necessarily be done by the everyday working man or woman, however one thing can be. There is a specific cardio training called circuit training that pushes the athlete to his or her limits and greatly improves the condition and health of their bodies. This will increase your metabolism and help burn unwanted weight without unhealthy dieting means. Customize your circuit course for your body and your limits to meet the goals you want. You will notice a difference within a week or two if you keep this up on a daily basis. Sometimes after this week or two you will notice that your weight is starting to go back up. The common reason for this is that fat weighs less than muscle. At this point you will be thinner in areas with muscle definition and or depending on your course muscle growth as well.

The body also gets used to the same old exercises and burns less fat over time as your body is no longer challenged by these exercises. Here is the trick that I offer you. Set up multiple courses designed to work specific areas of your body for example lower body areas one day, and upper body areas another day. Alternate through these circuits for one week then change to your secondary circuits on week two. On week three go to another set of circuit training you have designed. You will find that your body is being challenged and will feel sore for the first few weeks if you follow this training regimen properly.

When your body is no longer challenged by these circuits you alternate through, I recommend that you make them more challenging by performing them faster for speed training or slower for endurance as well as adding to the circuit or making them more challenging by adding more weigh, wearing a weighted vest, more reps, or longer durations. If a personal trainer tries to up-sale you with gym products I would recommend that it’s time to become your own personal trainer or hire an outside trainer not out to peddle his wears. Exercise is the key you a healthy and fit body and it will greatly reduce depression as well as increase your immune system.

During this time, you should have a dietitian design you a daily meal plan. It should be a six small meal a day plan. This will assist in weight loss and control. It takes self discipline to follow as you may feel very hungry at times, especially after a hard workout. There are natural hunger supresants and natural fat burners you can take during these times. Again, I recommend talking to a doctor before you take anything prescribed or not to make sure your body is healthy enough for it. Green tea is a natural fat burner.

You do not need a personal trainer to design your circuits for you if you know what you are doing. Learn about your own body and its limitations. Take to your doctor before performing any challenging exercises to make sure your heart is healthy enough to handle it. Knowing your body’s limits is a key to designing your beginner circuits. After a month or two of following this regimen, make a follow up appointment to see how your health has improved. If you are one with high blood pressure, you may notice that your blood pressure is no longer as high. Heart disease may not be reversible or preventable entirely, however it can be slowed through proper exercise routines.

Article by Kevin C. Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”


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