How to Bench Press More: a Great New Workout for Your Chest

How to bench press more
It seems that more and more women are interested in increasing their bust size. The only real option they have is for plastic surgery. Men on the other hand have a much easier and less expensive way to increase the size of their pectorals.

It is evident in the movies that a large, defined chest on men is what women seem to be looking for and Men are hitting the gyms to work on that routine. Not everyone has the same luck in acquiring a muscular chest quickly.

That is until today, here you will find a helpful step-by-step guide to help greatly increase your bench press max and increase the size and definition of your chest.

Working out is not something that you can just pick up once every week and see results. In order to shape your body the way you like it requires determination and a steady schedule of workouts. The average man cannot work out everyday because they either swamped with work, family or both. This plan really only requires three days of strength training and two for cardio work.

Let’s assume that we can strength train every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Leaving Tuesday and Thursday for some light cardio work. You may be wondering why it is necessary for cardio work when we are trying to add muscle to our chests.

Well, men do add fat cells to their pectorals, which can adversely affect the shape and definition of your soon-to-be buff pecs. By practicing some basic cardio like jogging or even hitting the stairs you can increase your metabolism and decrease your body fat.

Now for the strength training. On your predetermined workout days make sure you stretch before you lift a single weight. This will help reduce the risk of injury and the chance of soreness after your workout is complete.

The barbell bench press seems to be the favorite workout of the American man and it is the routine we will use most often to increase our chest size. First we must know our max weight. Lets say for example that your max bench press is 200 pounds, meaning that you can lift 200 pounds at least once without major strain.

For our exercise we will reduce the weight by 25 pounds, taking us down to 175 pounds. At this weight you should try to do 5 sets of 10 repetitions. It’s okay if you can do all ten every time; after all Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your chest. Remember, it’s all about determination.

After you have completed your five sets drop the weight on the bench another 30 pounds, down to 145 pounds total. Now do three sets of 10. This is a cool down exercise and will help promote muscle growth while reducing lactic acid (what causes your soreness the next day).

That was a good workout but in order to increase your chest size you will have to increase your weight every day you strength train. However, you should not increase more by more than 10-156 pounds and you should only increase if you are able to do all sets at the right amount of repetitions.

Tough workout right? Well there is one more step to this routine to help fully hit all of your chest muscles. The bench press does a great job of working the outside and lower parts of your pecs, but a great routine to round off the workout is the dumbbell pullover.

This exercise will work the interiors of your pectorals as well as the tops. In order to perform this exercise you will need one dumbbell and a bench. If you are bench 175 pounds you can probably use a 60-pound barbell for this exercise, but gauge this on your own.

Lay on you back on top of the bench with your head at the very end of the bench. Hold the dumbell straight out in front your chest with both hands holding on to the middle. Slowly lower your arms behind your head until they are parallel with your body. Then pull your arms back over you body.

Perform the dumbbell pullover for three sets of 10. When you are finished, stretch your arms behind your back to reduce injury and soreness.

Be sure to keep up with your workout on a regular basis and gradually increase your weight. With the right determination you will successfully add 50 pounds on to your bench within two weeks and increase your chest size.


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