3 Tips for Maximizing Wii Boxing Workout

Is your Wii boxing workout losing steam?

Use these 3 tips to put some excitment back into your workout and increase calorie burn at least 3 fold.

Has this happened to you too? You starting using the Wii boxing to get a workout and it worked pretty well for awhile. Then you got good at the game and found out that in order to beat the game, all you have to do is stand there and move the wiimotes back and forth and time your hits. When that pretty much destroyed it as a workout. Sure I can ring up 3000 points but writing this article is a better cardio workout frankly.

Add these three tips and you'll be burning calories once again.

1. Move your body! Even though you can win the game by just swaying the remotes with your wrists, get back to swaying your body back and forth. This is good for you waistline. Sway left and right with the rhythm. Prolong the boxing round by intentionally dodging your opponents punches. Get the mid section moving! I started to really exaggerate the movements and now I feel like I have done situps after about 45 minutes of boxing. Try it on your next Wii boxing session.

2. Jog in place! Wii boxing has a lot of wait time built into it. When you know someone down, you have several seconds of wait that ends up turning into a mini cool down period. Don't waste those seconds - jog in place! I keep my feet moving the entire time I am waiting for my opponent to get up, in between rounds, while I am doing the dodging maneuver above in the first tip, etc. Since the remote is wireless, I sometimes jog around the room a little bit to mix it up. You'll be sweating again in no time!

3. Use your balance board for step aerobics! To add additional variety and involve some extra muscle groups, I added the balance board in front of me and started doing some step aerobics in the wait periods decribed in tip 2. This can break up the boredom of just jogging in place. We also have the 3" riser platform for the balance board which adds even more effort to the steps. This tip will give you a great workout!

For those of you that don't know about the dodging tip mentioned in this article, holding the remotes vertically directly in front of you will keep you standing square in front of your opponent. When you tilt the remote and nunchuk to the right, your boxer moves to your right. Tilt to the left and your boxer goes left. Tilt the remotes back and your boxer leans back, tilt forward for a slight ducking motion. You can dodge a lot of punches using these tips. Also, when you have dodged effectively, you'll be able to tell when your opponent has just missed a big hit on you. The game will go slow motion slightly and you'll hear a swoosh noise. This is your cue to unleash a big hit or a combination on your opponent. You'll get more "points" by dodging and hitting with this timing method. If you have had trouble getting past Matt (at around 1500 points) you have to use this technique. Dodging and swaying will greatly prolong your game so you'll get more workout time for the other step tips.

Okay, so now you have some great new methods for putting the calorie burn back in to Wii boxing sessions. When this gets boring again I'll add something else...maybe some ankle weights! I wish there was a way to add a second opponent (give me 2 opponents at once!)...any programmers out there?

Get a great workout and have a good time!


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